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In 1978, when wood heat was mandatory, wool was the technical buzz, and Sony was frantically working on the Walkman, Village Sport Shop was born. From the vision of John Hibshman came an outdoor enthusiast's Mecca. Recognizing that skiers biked, bikers boated, boaters fished, and at least one out of every four of them hunted, John decided to roll up his sleeves and deliver these people an avenue to adventure. Since then, there have been numerable technological advances like Prozac, digital read out goggles, rocker skis, and clothes that bluetooth, breath, shed, stuff, and rapidly expand. Changes in business environment from a time where notebooks were paper and social media was going to the bar, now to tweeting, apps, QR codes and viral being something to strive toward!

Change being inevitable, Village Sport Shop has welcomed it: we retired the wood heat, took on “Smart” wool, and have embraced the rapidly advancing technological firestorm the sporting goods industry has engaged in. The only timeless aspects we hold on to (other than 80s rock) are superb customer service, delivering products we swear by, service to depend on, and reminding everyone that we do these things to ENJOY them! Still family owned and driven by providing a way of life we believe in.

Village  Sport Shop

We are thrilled to present this short video that perfectly encapsulates who we are and why we are so dedicated to sharing OUR passion for the outdoors with YOU. Please sit back, ENJOY, and we'll see you outside! Video produced by Kingdom Mountain Media.

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“We want everyone to WANT to come back, NOT have to come back.” - John Hibshman