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Plunging NewT-ly


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Plunging NewT-ly:  Less Challenging; 5.0 miles; 586 feet total elevation gain; allow approx. 45-60 mins.

A fast flowing, twisty descent through loads of man-made berms, looping through an old pine forest, and along the calm waters of the west branch of the Passumpsic.  A moderately challenging climb back up the twists and turns of West Bench, up Old Webs and past the Pavilion, with the final leg along Darling Hill Road (stay to the right and single file, please!)

Depart from VSS Trailside and roll down the west side of Darling Hill (do not cross road) from the back corner of the parking lot.  Follow the trail to the right when approaching pump track and ride for a bit until you see NewT on the left. Take a left on NewT (have fun!) and twist your way to the bottom, turning right on River Run.  Turn right onto River Run (2nd entrance) and ride the entire trail (loop) in a clockwise direction.  Turn right, back onto River Run, and trace the Pussumpsic until you reach West Bench where you will take a sharp (nearly 180 degrees) right.  Meander up West Bench, through the courtyard,  until you reach the second entrance to Old Web’s.  Climb up Old Web’s through the Pavillion parking lot until reaching Up and Downing, where you will turn left and enjoys views of the Chapel to your right.   Once you hit the dirt road, turn right and drop down onto Darling Hill Road.  Turn left on the road and finish with an easy climb back up to VSS Trailside. 

We've decided to document these trails using Strava for your convenience to use a digital trail map of sorts. In order to best utilize this resource, we encourage you to download Strava. By doing so, you'll be able to track your progress along our routes in real time, and even compete on the leaderboards!