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Race off the Ridge


Click here to download the GPX file!

Run from the Ridge:  Challenging; 12.1 miles; 1,456 feet total elevation gain; allow approx. 90-120 mins.

Want to get off Darling Ridge and see more of what KT has to offer?  This route offers the opportunity to experience some of the best trails on the network, get away from rider traffic, push yourself a little bit, and ride some great terrain ranging from fast, flowy and open to tight, tough and rooty.

Depart from VSS Trailside and turn left onto Darling Hill Rd. for a short stretch.  Turn left onto Burklyn and enjoy the stroll through the field.  At the intersection marked by the KT map, continue straight across.  Turn left onto Pound Cake and continue across the double track, staying on Pound Cake.  Turn right at the second double track (called Coronary) and turn right onto Harp, crossing Bumps Rd.  Pick up Harp on the other side of the road.  Cross the driveway and turn left onto Upper Harp Loop and then pick up Ozias and stay with it until you reach the paved road.  Turn left on the road and continue for 100 feet or so until you see Ozias entry point on the right.  Ride Ozias to it’s end, turning left onto Ware’s Davis.  Stay on Ware’s Davis until you reach the paved road, turning left on Burke Hollow Rd. and then right at the first trail head (Upper Pond Loop).  Take Upper Pond Loop to White School, and turn left on White School.  Turn left on Farm Junk and complete the full climb (across the double track).  Stay with Farm Junk until it ends at the double track.  Turn left on the double track and then a quick right onto Sky Dive for a fast flowy descent back to White School.  Turn right onto White School and stay on White School until you arrive at Lower Pond Loop, where you’ll take a right.  Take Lower Pond Loop to Pete’s Pond, and take a left.  Enjoy the scenery along Pete’s Pond and continue until you meet back up with White School, where you’ll take a right.   Take White School across Burke Hollow Rd and stay on White School until it ends on East Darling Hill Rd.  Take a left on the road and then a quick right at the first dirt road (VAST).  Follow this road, passing the exit of Kitchell and look for signs for Herb’s climb.  Climb Herbs (right hand turn onto Herbs) to the top and take a right onto Sugarhouse Run until you reach East Darling Hill Rd., where you’ll take a left.  Climb along the road, saying hello to the cows at the top of the street.  Turn left at the intersection onto Darling Hill Road, and continue along the road until you arrive back at the shop.  Enjoy a beer at the Hub.  You earned it!