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Stand Up Paddle Boards

Looking to take a break from the trails? Spend some time in the water perhaps? Try our Stand Up Paddle Boards(SUPs)! When looking at SUP’s, two main variations will present themselves: Hard-top and Inflatable. Hard top paddle boards are designed more for performance than its inflatable counterpart, being more desirable if surfing or racing SUP’s. However for most interested, inflatable paddle boards have much more desirable qualities while being half the price. Inflatables are extremely convenient, packing in and out of a small bag allowing for quick and easy portability. Amazingly, the inflatable paddle boards don’t lose performance for convenience, being very durable with double layered military grade material that prevents punctures, all while providing a smooth and stable ride.

Obrien Hydra

11’ x 33”
Volume - 206 L
Max recommended capacity - 255 lbs
-Soft top that minimizes chances of damaging board
-Glassed EPS core
-Smooth HDPE base
-Removable 9” SUP fin

Rent -
One day - $50
Two days - $100
Three days - $135
One week - $250
Buy -