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Tiki Time!

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Tiki Time!:  Challenging; 9.74 miles; 1,309 feet total elevation gain; allow approx. 75-90 mins.

A great way to finish the day!  Depart VSS Trailside and experience some adrenaline filled descents down the twisties of Emma's, and Ozias...and some burly climbs along Emma's Revenge and Coronary Bypass.  Finish with a shot down Kitchel and arrive at your destination...the world famous Mike's Tiki Bar, for a well-earned beverage of choice!  

Depart from VSS Trailside and take a left onto Darling Hill Road.  Pedal down up the road for a few minutes until you arrive at Wood N' You on the left.  Follow Wood N' You through open fields, over bridges, and to the trail intersection in the woods where you will take a slight left onto Emma's Sanctuary. Bomb down Emma's to the bottom (trail end) and then turn right to climb back up River Run/Emma's Revenge.  Ride Emma's Revenge until it turns into Loop and follow Loop toward Mountain View Farm and follow trail to left where you see the rope blocking the trail to Mountain View.  Follow Loop until you see signs for Pound Cake and take the trail up to the right.  Take Pound Cake back to Loop and stay on Loop following signs to Harp (on the left).  When you reach the road, turn right followed by a quick left onto Harp.  Turn left at first intersection on Harp and ride Harp until you cross the road once again.  Once across the road, turn right onto Coronary Bypass. Descend to bottom and continue to Coronary where you will eventually turn left onto Loop.  Follow Loop to West Darling Hill road, crossing over road back onto Harp then going right onto Harp Loop counter clockwise until meet Ozias.  Follow Ozias back to the road, where you'll turn left followed by a quick right (back onto Ozias).  Take Ozias to bottom, turning right onto Ware's Davis.  Take Ware's Davis until you hit White School, staying right and follow trail back to road.  Take a quick left onto road followed by first right onto gravel driveway/road.  Pass exit to Kitchel on your right and take second right toward Herb's/Beat Bog.  Turn left onto Beat Bog and climb Beat Bog, taking a left onto Sugar House run which you will follow until you arrive at Kitchel.  Descend Kitchel until you arrive at dirt road at bottom and then take Downtown to the street.  Take Church Path after crossing street and come out behind Orange Rind.  Cross street and take immediate right keeping Bailey's to your right.  Follow driveway to Mike's Tiki Bar.