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We’ve been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to find quality, competitively priced sporting goods for more than four decades. From the mountains to the water and everything in between, the Village Sport Shop has helped customers - locals and visitors alike - enjoy the great outdoors.

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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

There are many subcategories within this overarching category. XC (Cross Country) – Trail – Enduro – DH (Downhill). These categories overlap each other while still maintaining some stark contrasts. All will have their sweet spot of characteristics that will speak more directly to your preferred riding style or terrain. Currently, we are stocking bikes in the Trail and lighter Enduro category, and offerings include both alloy (aluminum) and full carbon construction depending on make/model.

Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

These bikes are generally thought of as the “everyday bike” mountain bike with more suspension travel than a XC bike. Trail bikes typically come equipped with 130-150mm (5-6”) of suspension travel and slacker angles. These bikes pedal well and provide great confidence in the rougher terrain and in descending. In addition to adjustable rear shocks, our trail bikes provide more stopping power and more stable tires which will allow you to step up your game, ride rougher terrain, and advance your skills in all areas relative to a hardtail. In short, these bikes will help to gobble up nearly everything KT has to throw at you, save some of the steeper, more difficult descents coming off the summit of Burke Mountain. We have a large selection of full suspension mountain bikes in inventory including the Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy (29”), Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Comp.

(29”), the Giant Stance (27.5”, 29”), Giant Trance (27.5”, 29”), Liv Embolden (27.5”, 29”), and Liv Intrigue (27.5”, 29”). Current prices in this category range from $1,720 to $6,000 depending on make, model, and build.

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Enduro MTB's

The Enduro bike emerged from the onset of the enduro race scene. Enduro racing is when riders pedal long ascents and then descend tracks similar to those found in Downhill racing. These bikes provide more travel 150mm+ (6”+), and slacker headtube angles to accommodate more aggressive descents and higher speeds. Enduro bikes are the bigger sibling to the trail bikes. These bikes are fantastic on descents, extremely confidence inspiring over most any terrain, and can handle anything KT or Burke
Mountain has to throw your way. Our current enduro inventory includes the Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp Alloy and is priced at $3,800

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Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtails are an excellent entry point into mountain biking for a number of reasons. They are simpler and more affordable than full-suspension bikes, and easier and more affordable to maintain. In addition, a hardtail bike can be helpful in learning important skills such as using your legs to absorb impacts, remaining light and fluid over obstacles like rocks and roots, and maintaining lines while navigating corners and turns. Hardtails are capable of navigating much of the terrain here at KT, as well as getting you up and down gravel and fire roads; but not the best equipment for navigating technical descents or extremely rough terrain. 

We have a large selection of hardtail mountain bikes in inventory including the
Specialized Rockhopper (in both 27.5” and 29” sizes), Specialized Fuse (27.5”), the
Giant Talon (27.5”, 29”), and Liv Tempt (27.5”, 29”). Current prices in this category
range from $600 to $2,200 depending on make, model, and build.

Youth Mountain Bikes

Youth mountain bikes are designed to get your little one outdoors and onto the gravel road or mellower trail. The main variant in this category is wheel size, and we carry inventory ranging from 12” to 24”. Youth mountain bikes also come in hardtail with rigid front suspension, hardtail with a front shock, or full-suspension. 

Our current inventory in the category ranges from $195 for the Giant Pre to $700

for the Specialized Riprock 24”.



Gravel bikes combine road and mountain bike features, and are meant for speed and endurance off-road. The most noticeable feature on gravel bikes is that they retain the drop handlebar from road bikes (in most cases, at least). Their geometry is also more closely aligned with road bikes, albeit not quite as aggressive or forward-leaning as a pure road bike. The wheels are where the mountain biking influence shines brightest. Gravel bike wheels are mainly 700c in diameter, but the rims (and thus, the bike's frame and fork too) are built to take wider tires. The result is a bike that offers an aerodynamic rider position for speed over longer durations, but with the capability of enduring rougher terrain such as gravel roads and singletrack. Gravel bikes are designed to perform on the road, while being able to continue beyond where the tarmac ends. Our inventory of gravel bikes includes

Bike Repairs and Service

Take advantage of the down time between ski season and mountain bike season to bring your bike into our shop for service.  Get rid of the creaks and squeaks and the clicking and chirping.  Your friends will appreciate it!  Check out out hours for our service hours for drop off and pick up of bikes that need service.

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