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Winter Fat Bike FAQ's

Winter Fat Bike FAQ's

What to wear:

  • Winter exercise has a much higher dependency on proper attire to make the experience comfortable and safe.
  • As with any winter aerobic exercise you want to start out a little chilly to allow for comfort once the heart gets pumping.
  • Moisture wicking base layer and socks are must
  • Hands and feet are areas that can get the coldest. If you keep your head and core warm it helps provide more blood to your extremities
  • Nice waterproof insulated gloves are very important. (because the hands are more static while riding they get much colder than other aerobic exercise)
  • Waterproof insulated footwear is optimal (low profile lightweight boots)
  • It's always a good idea to have a windproof top and bottoms.
  • Avoid Cotton anywhere on your body during winter exercise.
  • Balaclava or neck warmer and helmet liner
  • A helmet with ventilation is key as well, especially one with manually open and closable vents.
  • When nearing 0 deg F and below goggles can help.
  • Hand and toe warmers help take the edge off
  • Where do I get a Kingdom Trails (KT) pass?
      You can log on th KT's website and purchase online

Key Supplies and Thought process:

  • Bring enough water and nutrition for the expected duration of the ride
  • Bring a current winter map and/or go with someone that knows their way around the winter network
  • The trails are significantly different than in the summer and can be a little disorienting if you are used to summer only 

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