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Alpine Ski Boots

Salomon Shift Pro 110 W AT
Designed for women who love to cruise through unspoiled powder at high speed, but are tempted by the occasional escapade to hike a new peak, this boot combines the stability and power of a true alpine boot with the versatility of a touring boot that lets you enjoy the whole mountain. In bounds or out of bounds, the shift has never been easier! Legendary fit - S/PRO's 100 mm inclusive fit and anatomically designed Seamless liner combined with a softer Sensifit insert provide an exceptionally easy entry and anatomical wrapping. Performance proven - The Coreframe insert delivers improved terrain feedback and power transmission for a unique downhill performance. Backcountry commodity - The Surelock skiwalk mechanism and liner's walk function increase cuff mobility, while the integrated tech inserts ensure direct power transmission, all at only 1.6 kg. Integrated tech inserts - Low-tech inserts are integrated into the shell, making it complementary to touring bindings, so you can experience reliability and direct power transmission. Custom shell HD - The Custom Shell HD process aims to bring fast personalization to the lower shell of your boots in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power, and direct transmission. Surelock skiwalk mechanism - Secure and simple walk mechanism, that enables a great range of motion for walking, and locks for skiing performance. Midgrip sole - A Contagrip piece between the toe and heel and GripWalk pads improve the boot's grip in difficult terrain such as rocky summits, ice, and other uneven surfaces. Coreframe - The Coreframe brings lightness, enhances sensations, and increases power. It is an insert that guarantees the boot's stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process. Sensifit insert - The soft PU Sensifit insert on the external side of the shell makes it super easy to step in the boot, delivering easy step-in and anatomical wrapping of the instep. Polyolefin - More durable material, also providing lightness and stability. Polyamid spine - This specific polyamid piece is the secret element providing a good range of motion in hike mode and a true alpine flex in downhill mode. My CustomFit 3D Seamless Pro with walk function - This Seamless Pro liner features a softer part that bends easily to follow the natural movement of the leg while walking. 360° 45mm - A thick 45mm strap to hold the foot securely and optimize power transmission. Gripwalk ISO 9523 - GripWalk pads are pre-mounted and their specific shape improves walking comfort and grip whatever the conditions. Women liner - A women's liner with anatomic tongue made of highly moldable foams provides better shin and instep comfort in sensitive foot zones. Women cuff design - Anatomic cuff with lower rear support for women's calves for better fit and comfort. Riveted oversized pivot - The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell. 4 riveted aluminum 3D - Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization, and personalized foot hold. 2 hiking hooks - Two additional hooks placed on both cuff's buckles expand the range of motion and mobility of the boot when it's in hike mode, improving your comfort when heading up towards a peak.
Salomon QST PRO 110 TR W
Astonishingly light at 1.6kg, QST Pro 110 TR W incorporates a revolutionary Endofit Tongue design and Custom Shell technology to fit, ski, and walk better than any boot in its class. Comes with Low-tec touring soles installed. Fit - Endofit design delivers close to the foot fit and superior wrapping. A fully customizable My Custom Fit 3D liner and Custom Shell 360° ensure fit inside and out. Versatility - The boot is delivered with tech inserts already integrated for touring binding compatibility. Alpine pads are in the box to enable alpine binding compatibility. Downhill Performance - Brand new Twinframe2 design delivers improved rebound and dynamic flex, while the oversized pivot provides efficient transmission.
Salomon S/MAX 120
$300.00 $725.00 59% Off
Designed in collaboration with Salomon's Fast Collective, S/MAX boots are a radical new way of building boots. Coreframe construction uses a thinner shell with an internal frame reinforecment, making S/MAX lighter, more agile, and more sensitive than anything out there. You'll feel your edges and terrain variations like never before. And the fit is completely customizable, with a pre-shaped seamless liner and new CUSTOM SHELL HD molding process in just ten minutes. Precise Transmission - The new COREFRAME construction uses a thinner walled Sensitive Shell, reinforced with an internal Coreframe, to deliver both improved terrain feedback and power transmission to the edges. Fit - A totally new, pre-shaped and seamless liner improves comfort, and the new Custom Shell HD enables a completely customized fit in just 10 minutes. Sensitivity - Super lightweight, the S/MAX provides a natural snow feel, and the Sense amplifier and 2 position strap offer the ultimate in rebound and adjustability for your skiing preferences.
Salomon 2017 SALOMON X MAX 120
$212.50 $725.00 71% Off
The Salomon X Max 120 is an ideal all-mountain ski boot for expert level skiers who want comfort as well as performance in their boot. The 360 Custom Shell technology allows you to heat mold the shell of this boot to get the perfect fit, and Salomon’s famous heel hold and superb My Custom Fit 3D Race liner will have you locked down and ready rip up the mountain. Twinframe 360 Custom Shell Liners-My CustomFit 3D Race Liner + 2 loops Backbone 2 screws 24mm oversized pivot 4mm integrated filter Bi-material PU shell Bi-lateral PU cuff 4 micro alu 3D buckles Last-98/104 Flex-120
Salomon SALOMON X PRO CS 80 W - 23.5
$200.00 $475.00 58% Off
The X-Pro 80 from Salomon is a great boot for the solid intermediate skier that has a medium to narrow forefoot and medium leg shape. The X-Pro 80 is made with a Twinframe Construction that uses a more rigid plastic on the sole of the boot and surrounding areas that add extra responsiveness and control when skiing at high speeds. A 35mm Velcro Strap acts as a fifth buckle on the boot to keep a firm wrap across your shin, and increase your leverage on the boot. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot directs energy and power directly to the edges of your skis by having a wider, stronger connection between the upper cuff and lower shell. The X-Pro 80 has the My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner that has 5 different layers of foam and Thermoformable Material in the tongue and ankle pockets that can be heated to jump start the breaking in process and eliminate minor pressure points. The 80 flex rating is supportive for the intermediate skier that will want to grow and develop their skills with confidence and control, without being too demanding or causing fatigue. If you are looking for a boot that has a medium to narrow fit in the forefoot and leg that will be strong enough for tacking the blue squares with ease, the X-Pro 80 from Salomon will make a good fit for you. Best Fits Medium to Narrow Foot Shapes and Medium Leg Shapes 24mm Oversized Pivot My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner 35mm Strap
Salomon SALOMON X PRO X80 W - 26.5
$200.00 $475.00 58% Off
The Salomon X-Pro X80 W makes an excellent option for the intermediate to advanced skiing women that have never been able to find a ski boot that fits them comfortably. A Women's Specific Liner and Calf Adjuster fit the shorter, fuller female shape very easily for a comfortable and supported fit on the shaft of the leg. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot connects the upper cuff to the lower shell, with this large connection you get a high amount of energy transfer to the edges of your skis. The new Twinframe 2 Construction is lighter and stronger than ever before, by using a stiffer plastic on the sole of the boot to reduce torsional twisting when you are skiing really fast for extra responsiveness. Salomon's 360 Degree Custom Shell is easily adaptable for most foot shapes by heating the shell in a special oven that Authorized Salomon Dealers have. When the shell is hot enough, a bootfitter with set it on your foot. When the shell cools, it will adapt to the shape of your foot for a perfect fit. Best Fits Most Foot Shapes After the Molding Process and a Medium Shaft of the Leg Twinframe 2 Construction 24mm Oversized Pivot Women Liner Women Calf Adjustment 360 Degree Custom Shell
Salomon Salomon Quest Access Custom Heat W - 27.5
$189.99 $600.00 68% Off
The Salomon Quest Access Custom Heat boots have the protection, warmth, comfort, and perfect adjustment that intermediate and advanced skiers require so they can practice alpine skiing and improve their performance on the piste. Custom Heat technology has been incorporated to provide warmth on the foot for up to 18 hours and you can regulate in three different levels of heat. These ski boots were built with Ride & Hike technology that offers double modality for walking or skiing according to your needs. The My Custom Heat 3D Sport Liner booty and the polyurethane shell are ultra-light and easy to put on. With the 2 aluminum buckles, a ratchet, and a 360° strap, you can fit them precisely and comfortably so that you can ski with safety and support. Salomon´s exclusive Custom Heat liner delivers consistent, even heat all around the foot for maximum warmth and comfort, up to 18 hours Lightweight shell and liner to reduce fatigue Fully integrated heating system with simple control button ensures maximum warmth and convenience Quest Acces Custom Heat is built on a revolutionary heated liner that provides 4 - 18 hours of warmth on even the coldest days. Combined with a new shell and cuff design that make Quest Access easy to put on and take off, and new fit details throughout, your ski boots just became the highlight of your day 24mm oversized pivot Backbone Ratchet buckle Strap : 50MM LIGHT Flex Index : 90 Last : 104
Salomon S/Max 65
$150.00 $360.00 58% Off
Engineered to be specifically tailored to young skiers' feet, the S/MAX 65 is a lightweight, well fitted, GripWalk ready boot that delivers the trusted agility of an adult boot to younger skiers. My Thermic Fit jr - The Thermic Fit Junior liner allows good comfort and warmth with pre-formed zones which protect the tibia and the forefoot. Thanks to its construction and materials, it's now easier than ever for kids to slip into it. Polyurethane - A material with consistent density that ensures progressivity and power transmission. Polyolefin - More durable material, also providing lightness and stability. 360° 28mm - A 28mm strap to hold the foot securely and offer good elasticity. Alpine pre-mounted ISO 5355 - Alpine pads are pre-mounted and inter-compatible with alpine bindings ISO 9462. 4 riveted aluminum 3D - Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization, and personalized foot hold. Riveted oversized pivot - The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.
$80.00 $325.00 75% Off
The Salomon Quest Access 70 makes a great ski boot for the true beginner to mellow intermediate that has a medium to wide foot, and medium to wide leg shape. The 24mm Oversized Pivot on the Quest Access 70 connects the upper cuff to the lower shell and directs power directly to the edges of your skis for additional control and edging power. Salomon's Ride and Hike Technology gives you a switch located on the back spine of the boot that can be flipped up to increase the amount of rearward mobility in the cuff to allow you easy walking though the plaza to the chairlift in the morning. The Quest Access 70 has the My Custom Fit Comfort Liner that has Woolmetal Insulation to keep your toes warmer on the mountain. Woolmetal is a blend of wool and metallic polyester that has fantastic insulating properties. The 104mm last of the Quest Access 70 accommodates all but the absolute widest of feet comfortably. Salomon's Easy Entry Overlap uses a softer plastic over the instep of the foot that allows your foot to slide into and out of the boot very easily. If you have a medium to wide foot shape and leg shape, and want a boot that will be easy to walk in, the Salomon Quest Access 70 will be a great option for you. Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape Ride & Hike Technology 24mm Oversized Pivot Woolmetal Insulation Easy Step In Overlap 35mm Strap
Salomon USED - Salomon Quest Max BC 120 25.5 - USED
$75.00 $699.99 89% Off
The lightest performance touring boot in Salomon's 2015 lineup, the Salomon Quest Max BC 120 Ski Boots feature a super light Pebax™ shell with Polyolefin cuff and tech-compatible Walk+ soles. With a stiff 120 flex and fully thermomoldable liners, the Quest Max BC will take you up and down mountains like you've only dreamed about until now. Last: 98 mm Performance – Best for those with narrow to average feet, this is a precise performance fit. Flex: 120 – A precise, powerful flex for aggressive skiers. Fully Thermomoldable Liner – Offers complete customizable fit Fully laced liner 1 liner loop Pebax™ Lower Shell – Make the construction of the boot as light as possible. Pebax™ is an ultralight PU. Polyolefin Upper Cuff TwinFrame Technology – Engineered to be stiff where it's needed for control and power, and soft where it facilitates comfort and ease of putting the boot on. Backbone+ Spoiler Oversized 24 mm Pivot – Reduced play for extreme precision and direct power transmission. Ride & Hike Technology and Backbone Release – Allows you to walk naturally when released without giving up performance on the downhill. 38° Range of Cuff Motion 3 Micro Aluminum Buckles 3D Buckle – Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for maximum customization. First Tooth Catch for Touring Convenience 50 mm Power Strap
Salomon SALOMON QUEST PRO 80 W - 26.5
What more could you want? A super comfy, medium-flexing boot for average feet, with a smooth walk mode built in so you can be even more comfortable on the trip up from the car or having coffee after a day on the hill. The Salomon Quest Pro 80 Ski Boots covers all those bases and more; walk modes are not just for backcountry enthusiasts anymore. Last: 100 mm Average – Works well for the majority of average width feet. Women's Specific Low Cuff – Anatomic cuff with lower rear support for women's calves for better fit & comfort. Flex: 80 – A soft to medium flex for beginner through advanced skiers. My Customfit 3D Sport Liner – Articulated liner with 30% thermomoldable foam Articulated Liner – Pre-shaped 3D Construction developed in Salomon's Annecy design center, thermoformable inserts around the ankle and heel solve instant pressure point and offers unmatched foothold. Women's Specific Liner – A liner with a specific height and cuff adapted to women legs and calves. Bi-Material PU Lower Shell – A bi-injected shell made from Polyurethane, a material with consistent density enabling effortless progress on-snow, provides well adapted stiffness in a shiny, durable, dynamic and abrasion resistant piece. Bi-Material Polypropylene Cuff – A reinforced rear, lateral insert enables the use of a softer front cuff for improved leg wrapping and progressive flex. Combined with Polypropylene, a softer and lighter material than PU for high UVA resistance at a good price/quality ratio. Oversized 24 mm Pivot – Reduced play for extreme precision and direct power transmission. Ride & Hike Technology and Backbone Release – Allows you to walk naturally when released without giving up performance on the downhill. 3 Micro Aluminum Buckles 3D Buckle – Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for maximum customization. 35 mm Power Strap
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