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Cross Country Skate Skis

Rossignol Delta Combi Jr IFP
Step up to race-ready performance. The Delta Combi Junior is a dual-discipline ski designed for skate and classic skiing. Built for young athletes looking for a responsive training or racing ski, it features a lightweight wood core inspired by our X-ium line but with an accessible flex that opens it up to younger athletes. A specialized kick zone offers an easier kick with maximum grip, while the double-groove guide enhances tracking. The ski is compatible with the Turnamic binding system for the most natural ski flex and snow feel. Fluid Skating Skate-specific sidewall design enhances skating fluidity Light and Durable Wood air core offers durable off-trail performance with air channels for reduced weight Tracking, Stability Double Groove Guide design improves stability, directional control while skate skiing
Fischer Spider 62 Crown Xtralite
Take your skiing further with the versatile Spider 62 Crown Xtralite. Designed for use on or off-track, the addition of full-length metal edges provides an extra element of control and comfort. A light, air channeled wood core enhances stability, durability, and edging, while the Offtrack Crown pattern offers a great blend of grip and glide in a wide range of conditions. Mid-length sizing provides skiers with increased control and maneuverability for an easier skiing experience. - Weight per ski: 1.660g/176cm - Base / Climbing Zone: Sintec / Offtrack Crown Technologies: Nordic Rocker Camber Slightly opened ski tips for perfect gliding properties in unprepared terrain. Enables lighter turning with less effort. Steel Edge Narrow steel edge along the entire length of the ski. Guarantees constant edge contact on every surface. Air Tec Steel Edge Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimized core for steel-edge skis. Offtrack Crown New climbing system in all terrain, especially away from the prepared tracks and also in difficult terrain conditions. Developed exclusively for Fischer.
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